Types Of Burrs

Conical or Flat?

Whether for the professional or industrial sector, flat and conical burrs are the two categories used in coffee grinding. What is the difference?

  • A pair of flat burrs consists of two serrated metal discs that sit one on top of each other, parallel and generally identical.
  • A pair of conical burrs consists of two very different elements, referred to as ‘male’ and ‘female’: a serrated truncated cone and a hollow cylinder, also serrated.
The use of one or the other type depends on various factors: construction requirements, the need for specific productivity or a specific granulometry curve . Whatever the sector and type, at Keber we offer a wide range of combinations of materials, coatings and diameters.
Selecting the right burr is therefore essential to get the best out of coffee grinding. We are here to provide customised advice and guide you in your choice: Contact us to find out which type of burr is best suited to your specific needs.